The how and why I started this company is a long story, so I will sum up…

At 12 yrs old I determined to be an architect. Following my first year of university in architecture I realized the profession wasn’t what I thought it was and promptly transferred to BYU in Furniture & Product Design.  

Ahhhh…much better.  

I was learning to truly create for the end user’s benefit and that the form of the product would follow it’s function. Exciting stuff!

Wanting to work as a designer in New York City I flooded the Northeast with resumes and, strangely enough, was hired by a kitchen & bath design firm in Connecticut…only an hour from New York! My wonderful mentor in that firm was the first person to mention anything to me about space planning, functional design (for homes) and proper consulting. My head exploded! THAT is what I thought architecture was!  

Thus the seeds of this company were sown. I determined to create a process via a logical and uniquely creative philosophy utilizing practical psychology. Yikes, what a sentence… 

And here we are 17 years later, thoroughly captivated by what we do for homeowners and their unique spaces, needs and wishes!  

Let’s do this!

”Embarrassing dancer.” - Bay (the daughter)
”Rarely serious.” - Virginia (the 23 year love interest)
”Needs to snuggle too much.” - Bronte (the dog) 

Well…that about encapsulates it.

…Although, I suppose that if one were to press further, those who know me would mention that I’m a crazy audiophile, that I maintain multiple chocolate stashes throughout the home and community, that I pride myself in being an ambassador of wool socks, and take way too much time and effort folding my clothes, am an incurable teaser and indeed needs to snuggle too much with our standard poodle. She’s like a chenille blanket, seriously…

the biz

the guy