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Karen F.

We hired Brian a year ago to design our kitchen. He was great to work with and really spent a lot of time with us understanding our needs. We were not able to start on the kitchen then due to some family issues. We started looking for a contractor in December and the blue prints he gave us made it so easy to get bids! We are four weeks into construction right now and it is already looking just amazing. My contractor thinks its one of his favorite builds. I would never have thought of putting in more windows, but wow! Getting building permits was streamlined because of the blue prints. We haven't had to make any changes to his design which has kept cost down. I recommend him highly!

Roger S.

Brian provided design services for a major remodel and update of the kitchen, powder, mud and laundry rooms in our mountain contemporary home in Park City. The scope of the project included new design layouts in each of the spaces to be remodeled, complete with elevations and specifications for new cabinetry, countertops and appliances, sufficient to solicit bids from contractors and suppliers. Brian developed several innovative options before we ended up with the final design that met all of our requirements. The whole process was conducted in a very professional and collaborative manner.

Linda H.

We have a 1910 bungalow. Brian designed the space so that the entire house will be more livable for our family. He was great at helping us assess how we live - what was working, what wasn't. We went through quite a few rounds of revisions, mostly because we re-thought our needs once we saw the initial designs. Brian was very accommodating. And he has never lost enthusiasm for our remodel.

Brayden W.

Brian was fantastic. It was clear from the get go that he would be invaluable to our re-model efforts by visualizing what we could not. He came up with brilliant ideas to best utilize the space in a dated home with several weird layouts. He helped us plan each step and helped us manage our expectations as this was our first re-model. He provided measurements and drawings for contractors and offered his help and advice all along the way. We are very pleased with our experience and we owe much of our satisfaction to Brian David Roberts.

Kelly A.

Brian is terrific. He struck a great balance of collaborating and guiding us. The process was smooth, and we are so glad to have a clear plan to work with as we move to construction. I have no reservations with recommending him.

Tricia A.

We contacted Brian at Kitchen Design Alchemy in September and had our first consult with him shortly after. The project has not begun the construction phase yet, so I will post pictures when it's all completed. Our home has a very large but poorly laid out kitchen. We wanted smarter work areas, better lighting, and more efficient use of the space. From the first visit we knew Brian had the expertise and experience to help us solve these problems. He was a great listener and we felt he truly understood our needs and addressed them very well. We have a strict budget and a long list of things to do, so he provided us with multiple options varying in cost to help us make our final decisions before construction begins. The whole design process took longer than we initially anticipated, but the end results were worth the wait. His thorough plans, specs, and elevations are so detailed and specific that it will make the contractors job much easier and leave less room for questions/mistakes/ and ultimately more dollar signs. We highly recommend anyone planning to spend more than $10K on a remodel that they hire a designer such as Brian Roberts. It was money well-spent toward an excellent design that will meet our needs perfectly.

Ray N.

After much searching and disappointment trying to find an interior designer, we found Brian and believe we hit gold. We hired Brian to redesign our existing kitchen and master bath. Neither of us had ever remodelled a house. We had an idea of how we wanted the areas to feel but didn't know how to make it happen. Brian asked the right questions about our family to come up with a number of different options on how we can make the best use of our spaces. He really thought of everything when it came to functionality especially for the kitchen; for us, our kitchen really is the heart of the home and not just somewhere to eat. We believe the final product that was provided will help make the remodelling process as economical and smooth as possible. Brian was easily accessible during his design process and afterward asking us the status of our project.

Bret C.

Brian has been amazing! My wife and were thinking about a first floor remodel that included the Kitchen, Dining room and family room. The problem was that we could not see how to do it and did not even agree on the basics. Brian come in and with his out of the box thinking and through examination of our needs and habits came back with several incredible options, one of which we both could agree on. The design was out of the box perfect. Brian has great vision, and very thoughtful and just came up with the perfect plan for us. On to top of all that he is just really like him. He's great. I would highly suggest him.

Margie B.

Brian is amazing! We hired him because he seemed to really get what we were looking for--even in the very first conversation, I felt very comfortable with him. Throughout the process of designing our kitchen, we benefited from his knowledge, experience, and expertise and were able to make necessary changes now rather than doing it later when it would have been expensive, time-consuming, and inconvenient. He is a true pro and we would definitely request his services in the future and highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an awesome designer!

Rob & Kristen B.

Brian offered excellent creative ideas for greatest use of space in limited area. 
His services were reasonably priced and fees were explained before he met with us. His plans were excellent for areas designed-detailed and professional. He is very personable and was open to our ideas and needs while giving constructive feedback and additional perspective to possibilities.

Fine Remodel

We have worked with Brian on many different projects throughout the SL valley. He really knows what he's talking about and has such a unique forte for designing. He is very reliable and easy to contact any time of day! When ordering products through him it always arrives earlier than expected, which is great when in the construction business. Awesome at scheduling and answering all questions! 
I would highly recommend Kitchen Design Alchemy! (now Brian David Roberts)

Sausha C.

I did a complete kitchen remodel and Brian was amazing at detail, function and flow. He gave me perspective that I never would have seen on my own. He was creative, knowledgeable and reliable. He was easily accessible for all questions and concerns, and fun to work with. He even went personally to look at the quality of products and companies that I was using! Love the kitchen he designed for me and can't imagine what I would have done without him!

Boyd E.

We came across Brian David Roberts while looking for someone to help redesign our kitchen. Brian was very helpful and had great ideas for what we could do in our existing space, or with an expansion of our kitchen. Anytime we had questions he was glad to help us understand his designs and teach us how we could better utilize our space. He brought ideas and designs that we could never have thought of on our own. 
Some of the specific things we really enjoy are, larger windows that bring more natural light into our home, our spacious pantry with varying depths of shelves, and a wonderful mudroom to help contain our children’s paraphernalia.  
The fee we paid for his work was very reasonable and worth every penny. We highly recommend Brian.

Katie N.

I hired Brian to design the layout of our kitchen. He was thorough and creative in his layouts. The finished plans were very detailed and professional. He was a pleasure to work with.

Charlie W.

Brian David Roberts is a great company to work with for small and large projects, especially if you have an existing floor plan that is less than ideal for what you are hoping your final remodel will become. 
We definitely have great space for the project we are undertaking but due to the existing floor lay out we were completely stuck on how to make it work for our vision. Brian came in and completely opened our eyes to the possibilities and ultimately designed us a fabulous space. We really appreciated the time and patience Brian showed us and would most definitely recommend his services. He has a very unique way of making the most of your ideas and marrying them with your final project.

Bill F.

We asked Kitchen Design Alchemy (now Brian David Roberts) to completely redesign the kitchen in our 20 year old home. Brian was fabulous to work with. He was able to meet with us according to our schedule, including evenings and weekends. Brian's vision and his ability to translate our desires, are incomparable. I thoroughly enjoyed our collaboration. I highly recommend Kitchen Design Alchemy (now Brian David Roberts).

M. L.

Brian brings to his work refinement, education, experience and talent; essentially everything a consumer would want in a designer. His work is comprehensive and thorough. If one is planning a kitchen or an entire home remodel, call Brian and prevent buyer remorse and design regrets!


Brian was really great to work with! He spent time in our home getting to know us, and the way we live, entertain, and cook in the kitchen. His design was unique, and he came up with ideas we would have never thought of! The design was presented to us quickly, and he worked with us on revisions. The final CAD drawings were everything we need to get accurate quotes. I would recommend!

Rachel H.

He really took the time to get to know our family and habits to help him come up with the best kitchen design. We are extremely happy with the final product and never would have envisioned the possibilities without him.

Olga K.

We hired Brian to redesign the kitchen in our 1940 historical home. The consultation was fantastic - Brian listened and really understood what was important to us and how we would be using the new space. He provided several drafts and maintained constant communication with us through the process to ensure we were satisfied with each additional revision. 

Brian was very accomodating when we had to switch directions (due to structural limitations). I did not think that he could re-design the original plan any better but was blown away by the subsequent draft - I fell in love with it even more than the first version! 

In conclusion of the process, we ended up with a usable design that fit our style and needs. Very reasonable price for the personal attention we received on this projet. Brian's passion was evident from start to finish and we would highly recommend him.

Gordon R.

I have used Brian in two extreme projects, both new construction as well as our latest, a 1906 Harvard Yale remodel. He designed closet, bathroom, and kitchen spaces for us that not only function better than we could've imagined but are beautiful also. He has the ability to create and imagine the project and then pass it on to the contractors, who always comment on his work and thoroughness. The best part is in the end it's so much more; the lighting, the colors, the form, and how it all comes together and functions, it becomes magic. We are in the middle of our newest project and are excited to work with Brian again.

Catherine A.

Brian is the perfect mix of architect and design expert. He came up with a plan to best utilize our space to maximize flow and efficiency.  

We loved his unique ideas and you can tell that he took the time to really listen to what we like style-wise. He stayed within our budget and he was able to easily keep up with our deadlines. He also provided plenty of added value such as an electric/lighting plan that was not expected but very much appreciated. 

He is a professional and charming person to work with and I after working so well together, I am proud to call him a friend.  

When we put the finishing touches on everything, Brian's vision will be complete. I would hire him again in a heartbeat.

Mary T.

Thank goodness I didn't go with my first "designer" consultation from a cabinet company. Still searching for someone to help me actually re-design the space, I found Brian on Brian was just what I needed. Someone to come into our home, on several occasions, and listen to me and what our family needed to remodel our main living area and kitchen. Working with him was a pleasure. He thought of things I certainly wouldn't have come up with myself, but are critical to making the space work better for us. I just may have to call him back for our next remodel job too!

Bret and Kim C.

A kitchen remodel is a scary project to plan. We needed some guidance and vision in this process. We have never used a designer before for our past projects, but wanted the best for this job! Brian was extremely professional, understanding, and thorough in each step of helping us plan our future kitchen and living space. (Basically a first floor renovation) He measured the entire footprint of our home , while integrating his design visions. Each meeting with him was detailed, thoughtful, and inspiring. Although, change is hard to accept and to see, I have come to see how amazing this plan is. Looking forward to the finished project!! Thank you, Brian!

Rob G.

Brian with Kitchen Design Alchemy is a true professional and has designed several Kitchens for us this last year. He is not only extremely knowledgeable and skilled in space planning and kitchen design but he is also very personable to work with. He has great ideas which always work out great. I would highly recommend him and will continue using his services.

Brent S.

Great Experience with Brian, 

My wife and I couldn’t agree on our remodeling goals for the Kitchen and Living Room. We hired Kitchen Design Alchemy, (Brian) who brought great ideas backed with years of experience. His expertise in getting the most from a small space was extremely helpful. The plans provided were clear, accurate and easy to follow.  

Due to the fact that we completed the remodel ourselves, it was helpful to have full access to Brian and his knowledge. We called him on several occasions from the local hardware store to clarify measurements and discuss how best to accomplish a task. 

Great experience with a talented individual!

Michelle R.

I highly recommend Brian with Kitchen Design Alchemy, who designed a new kitchen, master bath and guest bath suite for us. We started with a very dated, 1980's golden oak kitchen that was not well laid out and he produced an extremely functional and beautiful plan that radically improved the space. The bathrooms are also amazing, very well thought out and the space is now being utilized much more efficiently. While the space he started with was fairly large, it was incredibly inefficient and not attractive (full view of sinks and vanity from bedroom with no door). 
Brian was incredibly easy to work with and responded very well to any questions that I had. He thought outside the box, adding a large window in the kitchen and rotating the island, something I never would have thought of doing. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with him and he has been very amenable to any changes that I considered, though usually we ended up back with his initial design because it was so excellent! I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone wishing a truly unique and creative design. When our project is complete I will add photos!

Da D.

EXACTLY what I was looking for. I needed help in evaluating my current kitchen space and identifying options for making the space more functional. Brian met with me and asked questions regarding my lifestyle and how I enjoyed using my kitchen. He took various measurements and came back with several options for making my space more enjoyable. The ideas were wonderful and things I had not thought of. He understood the style I wanted and did a fantastic job of pulling all my wish list items into the picture. He promptly replied to my request and was very pleasant to work with. The end product was a professional design I can take to the various contractors for bids and to start the work. His input and knowledge were what I needed to start on my dream kitchen. I HIGHLY recommend Brian to get you started on your remodel project.

Mary T.

Thank goodness I didn't go with my first "designer" consultation from a cabinet company. Still searching for someone to help me actually re-design the space, I found Brian on

Brian was just what I needed. Someone to come into our home, on several occasions, and listen to me and what our family needed to remodel our main living area and kitchen. Working with him was a pleasure. He thought of things I certainly wouldn't have come up with myself, but are critical to making the space work better for us. I just may have to call him back for our next remodel job too!

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