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We are very grateful for the wonderful clients that we work with everyday.  From kitchen projects to whole homes, it is always rewarding to see the project from start to finish.

Included below are a portion of the reviews we have received over the years.

kind words from our clients

"It is difficult for us to adequately express how terrific it has been to work with Brian David Roberts".

"Brian's ability to visualize a space and perceive the potential of an area to maximize both efficiency and art-in-design has been nothing short of extraordinary.  The scope of our project would likely be considered intermediate to large, and included the entirety of the first floor of a 3600 sq. ft home involving the kitchen, mud/laundry area, formal dining room, family room, powder room, and piano room/sitting area. 
When we hired Brian in Salt Lake City he had recently moved to Seattle WA. While we were initially concerned about the distance and potential availability, we soon learned that these concerns were unfounded. We found Brian to be flexible in meeting with us, and readily available to assist us--even on short notice. Indeed because of scheduling challenges in our family (my husband is a physician who takes quite a bit of call) we found that linking up through screen meetings was seamless, and likely as (or more) efficient than sitting together in the same room. Brian's agility with the screen meeting software and our collaboration implementing design changes on the screen in front of us in real time introduced an efficiency that we really appreciated. We were so impressed with Brian's skills (and acknowledging that he will certainly before long become prohibitively busy, because of the quality of his work) that we asked him to also complete a redesign for our upstairs (the remodel of which is still a couple of years away)."

— Patricia & Scott W.

"Brian is an outstanding partner, professional and designer."

"We met with several architects and design firms before making our final decision on how best to proceed with our home renovation project – and no one else compared. Brian is both a creative and practical thought partner, an exceptional listener and approaches his work with a genuine desire to meet the unique needs of his clients. He is transparent, consistently and clearly communicates and propels projects forward in a timely manner. We would highly recommend Brian to friends, family and strangers alike – and he will be the first person we call for our next project."

— Bennett H.

"We consulted Brian for a major home remodel upon the recommendation of a friend."

"We first thought we would need to add a 2nd story to our home to get the functional space we were looking for. In came Brian to save the day (and our wallet) with his incredible ability to see the potential of the unused/dead space in our home. Advising us that adding a 2nd story would be more money than we wanted to spend and not necessary to create the home we were envisioning, Brian's designs took us from a darkly lit 1950s-era home where we spent the majority of our time in only a few rooms, to one filled with bright, natural light where we truly live in the WHOLE house. The designs had multiple versions as we worked our way through the process. Brian was especially helpful when a planned laundry area needed to be completely moved due to limitations of our crawl space. 
Brian was available to answer all of our questions and even helped with design choices when we asked. Would recommend 100%"

— Rebecca J.

"We LOVE Brian! We hired him to tweak our architectural plans before we built a custom home."

"He made all the difference in eliminating weird corners, smoothing things out, making our master suite feel secluded, making "connections" between rooms and zones in our home, and doing some genius things with walls. He also designed our kitchen, which is in the heart of our home, shaped like a trapezoid, and on no exterior walls. Who else would take on that challenge? We can't say enough about his skills. He's an architect, a designer, a cabinet guy, a stylist, and a therapist all in one. USE HIM. He's in demand and you will have to wait for final drawings, but the wait is well worth it! Give yourself plenty of time so you can enjoy the process with him."

— Greg & melissa l.

"Brian has an amazing eye for design and spatial planning."

"Our late 50s home had many awkward spaces that didn't make sense. The natural light available to some rooms in the home was cut off by walls and narrow hallways. Storage was limited and the rooms were tiny. Brian focused on the home's natural light and worked to bring in more of it. By opening up the spaces, he allowed the natural light to flow throughout and created useable rooms with plenty of storage. The one area that natural light couldn't feasibly reach became an amazing storage space. 

Brian is personally invested in seeing his designs through to completion. He went above & beyond to make sure we were heading in the best direction possible when selecting cabinetry, appliances, and other finishes. Brian was available to us for questions and input throughout the building process, which made this an enjoyable experience. We highly recommend Brian David Roberts!"

— julie o.

"We hired Brian to help us remodel our kitchen based on his portfolio, thorough consultation, and personality."

"We hired Brian to help us remodel our kitchen based on his portfolio, thorough consultation, and personality. He is easy to work with and responsive to questions and concerns. Brian had some fabulous ideas to change the whole feel of the living space of our mid century ranch (some of which we aren't able to do at this time because of limited budget, but hope to do in the future) and to make it more functional. The contractor, cabinet rep, and trades people we are using have all praised Brian's drawings for being so detailed and helpful. I would highly recommend him, and hope we can use his skills again on future projects."

— Rachel H.

"Very talented space designer."

"We loved his ideas and especially appreciated his attention to light. He's very aware of the feeling it gives a home when light is able to move through all the spaces. Very kind manner and endearingly goofy sense of humor too!"

— Lindsay r.

"Brian is the best!"

"I've done many renovation and construction projects at my homes over the decades and Brian is by far the best. He worked collaboratively with my wife and I and our general contractor to design our dream kitchen. He was prompt, courteous, creative, flexible and thorough. He takes a holistic design approach and is very user--focused, in addition to factoring in the realities of engineering, construction and budget We now have a unique and custom kitchen that our family of 5 will enjoy for years and it all starts with the design. Thanks Brian!"

— Patrick E.

"Our kitchen was last redesigned in the early 1990's and it really needed some help."

"We have a small mid century ranch house so we needed to make the most of the minimal space we have. Brian did an amazing job laying out our kitchen, as well as the rest of our home which included two bathrooms and some bonus space in the garage. Brian patiently worked with us through a few variations resulting in a design that is modern and functional. He is well connected to industry specialists to assist with the realization of your dream renovation. Overall he is very talented and well-experienced designer. He was a pleasure to work with and talk to on many levels, and his wife Virginia does an amazing job documenting the beautiful results."

— ken j.

"I found Brian on Houzz and am so glad we did."

"Brian helped us envision a kitchen space totally different than the 1960s drop ceiling, segmented space we started with. He is thoughtful and committed to working through the entire process. He also linked us to a builder who was the perfect match for us. Having the plans gave us confidence that we had a plan in mind and our builder was able to make relatively minor modifications and help us solidify details like cabinet brand, etc."

— Rebecca K.

"Brian was a good listener."

"Brian listened to us describe how we used the space, how we wanted to use the space, and how the entire family related to the space. He was thoughtful about including the things we wanted in the design and very creative in imagining the space in ways that never occurred to us. Brian included some creative ideas in our kitchen plans and listened to us as we thought about his recommendations and modified the plans. He was willing to make changes to accommodate our evolving vision for our kitchen. We give Brian high marks for being reachable and available, even though he lives in a different time zone. We definitely recommend him!"

— lisa R.

"I can't say enough great things about working with Brian."

"During our initial design consultation, we spent a lot of time talking about how we used our kitchen, what we liked about the existing arrangement, and what we wanted to change. He incorporated all of that information into the new kitchen he designed for us. He is a master at maximizing space, and he came up with a fantastic design that not only reorients the space in a way that aligns with how we actually use it, but also is a much more efficient use of the space (so much more storage!), improves the traffic flow both in the kitchen and to the rest of the house, integrates the kitchen visually to the rest of the living space, and brings in a ton more light. Brian really considered the details, like being mindful of what would be stored in which cabinets and drawers when determining their size and arrangement, creating a new lighting plan with different levels of task and ambient lighting, and making sure we could incorporate our existing dining table into the new space. The whole process was very collaborative, as Brian was always open to my suggestions or feedback during the design process. During the construction phase, it was reassuring to know that Brian was available to answer any questions that might arise, but his drawings were so thorough that it wasn't necessary. Now that construction is finished, it is such a pleasure to cook, bake, and entertain in the new space...there are miles of countertop to work on, there's a place to store everything, and it looks and functions exactly as I had hoped."

— Deanna P.

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Brian to design the kitchen of my dreams."

"He had great practical feedback, advice that will save us money, and had ideas that I hadn't even thought of (the main reason why you hire a professional!).  He worked with both my husband and I to create the best kitchen for our space, and in a way that was convenient for all of us (online after initial in-person meeting). We are very happy with our results of our space planning for our complete, knock-down walls, rearrange everything, add foundation, kitchen remodel."

— allison t.

"We had a great experience working with Brian on a kitchen, mud room and powder room remodel."

"Brian was full of great ideas, but his top priority was to incorporate a design that would allow our family to use our space in a functional, efficient and meaningful way. Brian knew the right questions to ask and we appreciated that he involved our children and wanted to know what was important to them as well. The final result is a space that draws each member of our family in for different reasons and each of us has our own favorite part. Our kitchen simply works now and makes so much sense, but even more than its functional conveniences are the benefits of how it brings our family together. So much happens in this space that is so much more than a kitchen to us. Because our kids love being in this new space and because it's the place where I spend so much of my time, it's where I connect with my family the most. Our family loves everything about our completed project and we're thrilled with Brian's vision - for seeing what it could become and making it happen."

— R.S.

"We used Brian to design a remodel on a bungalow in Salt Lake City."

"He was great, easy and flexible to work with during the design phase of the project. We have since completed the kitchen, TV room and new hallway area and bathroom for the master bedroom. We still have the master bedroom to complete on the project. His ideas and layouts saved us both time and money on the project. I would definitely use his services again and would strongly recommend him for any of your upcoming projects."

— thomas A.

"We hired Brian to help us with a home addition."

"He has been extremely helpful in working with us on the design and layout of not only my kitchen and bathrooms, but my entire house remodel. He is good at communicating and very reliable. I would recommend him for anyone looking for a new, creative perspective when designing a home."

— lindsay M.

"Every morning that I walk into my new kitchen I am so happy!" 

"Brian led us through remodel process with insightful questions and patient planning. He promised I would have more cabinet space and I do--also more light, more functionality and more beauty. All the favorite things about my kitchen/laundry room/powder room remodel are his suggestions. He looked at my space and saw possibilities I couldn't imagine. I appreciate his talent. I will definitely hire him again."

— bonita h.

"We started working with Brian back in October 2016 to help us design a major kitchen and mud room remodel."

"From the beginning, Brian put us at ease, making it clear that he was with us every step of the way to ensure that the end result was exactly what we wanted. Brian has a wealth of ideas and helped translate our vision and the core functionality we wanted into a comprehensive set of plans. Through the process, he remained patient and a joy to talk with, even when we kept going back to make changes, and reverting changes back to the original, and on again. It has ben over nine months, and Brian continues to be responsive when we want to make another tweak to the plan or have a question about the process.

We are planning on starting construction next year to make our new kitchen a reality, and I am confident that Brian will remain as engaged as we need to see the project through to completion. I highly recommend Brian!"

— Ron s.

"Our experience with Brian is just wonderful."  

"He is a genius in space planning and Interior design. He brings a lot of brilliant ideas and a vision to our house, enabling us to think big in our first ever remodeling experience. Our house is taking shape now, it turns out his design fundamentally changed the overall feeling of our house, making the space feel much bigger and making more sense functionality wise. 

In our four-month remodeling process, Brian is by our side from the beginning to the very end. He is very responsive to texts and phone calls, helping us fix a lot of things that went wrong in the construction process. He also came out to tile stores and lighting stores multiple times to help us pick all kinds of materials and fixtures, and he is very efficient and has very sharp eyes and taste. He truly has a lot of knowledge and expertise in almost all aspects of interior design, and he conveys his ideas in a very logical and reasonable way that are easy for us to picture and make informed decisions. Perhaps more importantly, he is a really good listener, and always has our style preference in mind when recommending things. His drawings are very easy to follow for cabinet makers and contractors. 

We developed a very good relationship with Brain over the time. He is super intelligent, patient, kind with a great sense of humor. It is a great pleasure to work with him, and I would recommend him to anyone who want to break the boundary of your existing or new house, and take it to a whole new level!"

— Grace y.

"I have a great deal of trust towards Brian."

"More than any other designer I have worked with when it comes to space planning and kitchen layout. He approaches design from a human perspective and asks all the right questions. He doesn't accept less than great work. I would work with him again any day. 

One recommendation: If you choose to work with Brian be sure to give him a call if you ever have a problem. Like most designers juggling multiple projects there was a moment or two when things were forgotten, but as soon as we got him on the phone he fixed them and got us where we needed to be."

— fenton h.

"We hired Brian a year ago to design our kitchen."

"We were not able to start on the kitchen then due to some family issues. We started looking for a contractor in December and the blue prints he gave us made it so easy to get bids! We are four weeks into construction right now and it is already looking just amazing. My contractor thinks its one of his favorite builds. I would never have thought of putting in more windows, but wow! Getting building permits was streamlined because of the blue prints. We haven't had to make any changes to his design which has kept cost down. I recommend him highly!"

— karen f.

"My husband and I found Brian through a Houzz search when we needed help redesigning our kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom spaces for our new home." 

"Having never tackled home remodeling before, we were drawn to the idea of having someone help with space planning and functional design up. Our place is tiny, so making the most of every inch was very important to us.   He come to our home and carefully interviewed us, considering how we lived, our future plans, how we cooked and entertained, whether we are right or left handed, and a whole host of other great questions. He provided lots of insight into what makes great functional design, educated us, and offered many great options for fixing all those annoying little layout issues. After our interview chat, Brian carefully measured our entire home. We worked remotely after that reviewing and tweaking his designs until we loved them. We loved that Brian's services are so customer focused and designed to make this process easy on the homeowner. He holds your hand the entire way and answers all questions (no matter how silly) with well thought out and helpful responses. He prices projects by size and scope and does not charge hourly. This gives us as consumers peace of mind that we're not being tricked into paying more than necessary, and helped us to budget efficiently knowing that little changes wouldn't affect our bottom line.  Brian has a wealth of great knowledge in design, construction, and industry secrets. At the end of it all, you have a package of materials to shop for, elevations, blueprints, and all you need to submit for permits and start the process of bidding."

— tara s.

"Brian has been a pleasure to work with throughout this process of deciding where and how to design our new kitchen."

"We considered several areas and design options, but decided on the space that worked best for us and our budget. He is an extremely patient person when dealing with our indecisiveness, and just rolls with every new idea. He will mention when something will not work and comes up with fresh solutions for most problems we have come up against. We now have a wonderful layout, more storage, and triple the counter space compared to our old kitchen design. Brian is considerate and personable. We would definitely work with him again!"

— j.r.

"I have used Brian in two extreme projects, both new construction as well as our latest, a 1906 Harvard Yale remodel." 

"He designed closet, bathroom, and kitchen spaces for us that not only function better than we could've imagined but are beautiful also. He has the ability to create and imagine the project and then pass it on to the contractors, who always comment on his work and thoroughness. The best part is in the end it's so much more; the lighting, the colors, the form, and how it all comes together and functions, it becomes magic. We are in the middle of our newest project and are excited to work with Brian again."

— Gordon r.

"We just signed a deal with a contractor to do our kitchen remodel. Brian worked with us and listened to our wants and needs." 

"There was a lot of give and take to iron out the design. In the end, we got exactly what we wanted. 

The benefit of having a completed design was many fold. 
* As cabinet layout was done, the cabinet company just ran with it. 
* Getting the permits is simple because we have the design.
* We have a lot of confidence in the contractor's bid as he has the plans to work from.
* We could easily compare one company's bid to another as the design was fixed.

What we really appreciate was how Brian worked with us to keep revising until we got the design we wanted. We have a small kitchen that has an optimized design. 

The fee we paid for Brian's work is well worth it. Now that we have gone through the process and signed with a contractor, it is quite evident."

— alfonso f.

"I highly recommend Brian, who designed a new kitchen, master bath and guest bath suite for us".

"We started with a very dated, 1980's golden oak kitchen that was not well laid out and he produced an extremely functional and beautiful plan that radically improved the space. The bathrooms are also amazing, very well thought out and the space is now being utilized much more efficiently. While the space he started with was fairly large, it was incredibly inefficient and not attractive (full view of sinks and vanity from bedroom with no door). 
Brian was incredibly easy to work with and responded very well to any questions that I had. He thought outside the box, adding a large window in the kitchen and rotating the island, something I never would have thought of doing. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with him and he has been very amenable to any changes that I considered, though usually we ended up back with his initial design because it was so excellent! I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone wishing a truly unique and creative design. When our project is complete I will add photos!"

— michelle r.

"Thank goodness I didn't go with my first "designer" consultation from a cabinet company."

"Still searching for someone to help me actually re-design the space, I found Brian on Brian was just was I needed. Someone to come into our home, on several occasions, and listen to me and what our family needed to remodel our main living area and kitchen. Working with him was a pleasure. He thought of things I certainly wouldn't have come up with myself, but are critical to making the space work better for us. I just may have to call him back for our next remodel job too!"

— mary t.

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