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the process

6 Step Process

The following 6 steps outline our unique process. Each is critical to the desired result. Which is an informed, happy and confident homeowner prepared and excited to begin the transformation of their house into a haven.

+ Phone consult

+ home meeting

+ adaptive consult

+ online design meetings

+ finished plans


First find us and reach out. Then we discuss your project briefly over the phone and determine a time for a meeting in your home.

Reach out to schedule your phone consult

Phone Consult

step 1

I feel the surest way to develop a great relationship is to meet as new friends, rather than you writing a check with no clue what you'll get out of it. At this meeting we discuss the scope of your project and I present a cost for us to design it. This cost is one "by the hour" nonsense.

First Home Meeting is No Charge

Home Meeting

step 2

This means if 10 different homeowners were to approach us about the same exact space...well, then we come up with 10 different designs. Everyone's unique, so their new spaces should reflect this. We also gather all the info & measurements of the space and take 50% of the design fee.

once you've decided to move forward, we set an adaptive consultation

Adaptive Consult

step 3

We continue working together in a very collaborative manner until we have determined a space plan and any cabinetry layouts that have you jumping up and down in anticipation!

discussing exciting options for your home

Online Design Meetings

step 4

You'll use these plans for bidding, permitting and build-out. Simple!

time for your finished plans

Finished Plans

step 5

If you have a contractor then I will advise them in the designs you and I come up with. If you don't then I have several contractors (and cabinet companies) I have vetted & worked with that I can recommend.

contractors & cabinet companies


step 6

Included with Your Plans

cover page

elevations page

dimensioned plan

existing layout

lighting plan

proposed plan

difference plan

Self-explanatory, sure...but this page also includes our website, email & phone number. That way, anyone associated with your project (whether they be the contractor, cabinet company, friend or mother-in-law) can contact us with questions

Align with the elevation numbers on the Proposed Plan. Shows the vertical layouts of the spaces. Any cabinetry parts are numbered and are explained in the Cabinet List.

Outlines all necessary dimensions showing your chosen contractor where and how things need to be built to accommodate the plan we've come up with.

Shows your spaces as they exist currently.

The plan we've determined together as a team. Includes any and all interior configuration and cabinetry layouts. This plan is marked with elevation numbers that associate with the Elevation Pages.

This plan shows the Existing Layout overlaid by the Proposed Plan along with pertinent notations and explanations. Any contractor that is bidding your project will see and read what it is they will be doing and can bid much tighter.

Any cabinetry shown on the Elevation Pages are numbered and explained in this document. You may send these documents to any cabinetry provider to get truly comparable bids.

Q & A

A Page Devoted to the Most Common Questions & Answers with Brian.

Everyone has their own mixed bag of priorities, frustrations, and concerns and interests.  So these answers certainly don't cover everything.  We would enjoy discussing your project and your particular "mixed bag" anytime!

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Our Partners

From Contractors to Cabinets...
Who Do We Recommend?

Finding someone that is not only trustworthy, but a pleasure to work with can be daunting.  We have a group of individuals that we have worked with over the years and can wholeheartedly recommend for your project.

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It is difficult for us to adequately express how terrific it has been to work with Brian David Roberts.


I've done many renovation and construction projects at my homes over the decades and Brian is by far the best.

- Patrick e.

In our four-month remodeling process, Brian is by our side from the beginning to the very end.

- grace y.

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